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aconline-e-fbcover-v2Don’t live in the area but still want to be a member?

We have a vision to make Christ known throughout the world. The world is online, and we believe that people need to hear the gospel and receive training and equipping wherever they are. Our online campus is a way for us to do that, and build a community around content, exactly where people are.

Ideally, members of ACBe online:

  1. Are out of state, but still want to connect with one of Archbishop’s churches, and our ministry
  2. Want to covenant and come under our covering just like regular members.
  3. Will commit to complete online courses including online membership, foundational doctrines, counseling, spiritual gifts, and leadership classes
  4. Want to be trained in their God-given gifts and callings to help plant new Action churches right where they are. The goal is that online members will eventually participate in church planting teams to establish physical Action churches where none currently exist
  5. Can get to Maryland for special events like our church Anniversary, PrayerWorks with our Archbishop, and special times of fasting and prayer camps

Although community fellowship looks different in an online environment, we plan to replicate the structure of our physical church as closely as possible for our online church. This includes:

There’s no doubt that fantastic life changes can take place in an online environment.

For some attendees, our online campus will be a supplement to help them stay connected while they travel. For others, it’s where they’ll find Christ because you’ll invite them to join us. For some new believers, it will be a full-fledged church home where they’ll be trained to help plant a church. It will be a journey, but we will intentionally work to move everyone possible from being alone with the screen toward being incorporated into a physical branch. Together, we will take the vision of ACBe throughout the world, to help the world experience ACB, everywhere.


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