Our Pastors

Rev. Lenita Reeves, Senior Pastor

Rev. Lenita Reeves is the senior pastor of Action Chapel Baltimore, a prophetic church under the covering of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, who ordained her into ministry.

She is the author of several books including, I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto and Fervent Fire: Understanding the pattern of the priesthood for prevailing intercessory prayer.

As a rape survivor and former teen mom, God has graced Lenita to be an outspoken overcomer, sharing her testimony freely and as a result, seeing captives set free all over the world. A featured conference speaker, she is a member of the RAINN speaker’s bureau. She has traveled the world to conduct apostolic missions and train leaders in London, Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.

She began her service to the Lord in campus ministry. As Deputy Director of Campus Ministries United, she assisted in planting campus branches and in the coordination of an annual conference aimed at bringing various campus groups together in a night of prayer, praise, and relationship building. In the next phase of her ministry, God taught her the basics of pastoring while serving as a youth minister.

Some call her preacher and some call her teacher, but all agree that she is a prolific voice who speaks with transparency, highlighting her highs as well as her lows to show others that God can turn pain into a platform and use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

From senior class president to director in Corporate America to founder of a non-profit and pastor, leadership has been an evident mark of Lenita’s calling and passions throughout her life. She has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, a Master of Arts in Dance Education from the Ohio State University and a MBA from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Christian Counseling and attended Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, Georgia, which was then under the leadership of Dr. Sam Chand.

Pastor Lenita was ordained in Action Chapel International in Ghana under the leadership of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Action Chapel North America under the leadership of Bishop Kibby Otoo. She is married to Bishop Cephas Reeves and they have four children, Elijah, Cenita, Ethan and Joshua.

In addition to her book, Breaking the Silence, her message topics include:

To hear an excerpt of one her interviews for the book, Breaking the Silence, visit http://youtu.be/-7seR5_wFyQ.

To contact Pastor Lenita, email pastorlenita@gmail.com


  1. Good Afternoon Pastors Reeves

    I am sending a hallaujeh to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit who reigns over us.
    I understand the women’s conference is coming up this month. If the Lord wills it I will trust to attend. I am doing well and seeing progress in the plans we discussed in our meeting.

    I trust to receive a an email from you soon keeping me informed of the great work
    that you are accomplishing in and with the ministry. Amen

    Grace and Peace
    Sister Msifiri Jorden Bey
    TJLHealth Consultant


  2. Hello Pastor Cephas Reeves! I am Minister Phyllis Bell who fellowshipped with you at My Father’s House Christian Church under Pastor Louis Whiting. I received your Linkedin message. It was a pleasure hearing from you. I would love to speak with you at your convenience. My e-mail is phyllisbell2012@gmail.com I am a little leary of all of this modern technology so I did not want to post my phone number. Be blessed my dear brother. I read your wife and your bio. I can only say “To God Be The Glory”!!! Continue being the Lord’s servants.


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