Welcome Home. Welcome to Dominion.



Come and be empowered to take dominion. Join us this week for service! We’re praying for you and declaring that you would encounter the presence of God like never before. We are a people going higher, possessing the land and loving Jesus. Action Chapel Baltimore-Dominion Center was established in 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland and is growing into a dynamic, international ministry, touching the nations through uncompromising teaching of the Word, prayer, small groups, conferences and more, under the leadership of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Bishop Dr. Kibby Otoo, and senior pastor, Pastor Lenita Reeves. We are proud of Pastor Cephas Reeves, who is serving instrumentally in planting a new branch in Monrovia, Liberia.


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aci new 2017 resized transAction Chapel Baltimore is a branch church of Action Chapel International (originally Christian Action Faith Ministries), headquartered in Accra, Ghana, under the leadership of Archbishop N. Duncan-Williams and regional bishop, Bishop Kibby Otoo. We are a prophetic, multinational church–a house of prayer for all nations that exists to make Christ known, multiply champions and plant churches throughout the world.

For more information, be sure to download our visitor brochure.

What to expect:

  • Freedom of expression in worship: we lift our hands, kneel, clap, run, jump and lie out flat before God
  • Sound doctrine: an unadulterated word of God preached under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer: for real.

What we are not:

  • Perfect. We are not perfect but we are striving for excellence and provoking one another to be better.

What we are:

  • A people desiring the fire for God, discovering our callings, and asking God to transform us by His Word.

Mission Statement

  • To train and develop Christ-like disciples in their God-given gifts and callings

Vision Statement

  • To make Christ known throughout the world through the multiplication of Action Churches

Core Values

  • Prayer is our life-line and life-style
  • Valuing people from all walks of life
  • Empowering people to discover and fulfill their God-given abilities and giftings
  • Demonstrating the compassion of Christ to humanity
  • Raising up champions through strategic prayers and the prophetic for the end-time harvest
  • Building healthy relationships and families
  • Building bridges between cultures and generations
  • Believing God no matter what
  • Embracing the five-fold ministry of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists
  • Enforcing the rights and benefits of the finished work of the cross for every believer
  • Maintaining the integrity and soundness of God’s Word
  • Believing in the demonstration of God’s power to heal and deliver today







Service Times and Directions

aci new 2017 resized transService Times

  • Sunday Celebration Service, 10am
  • Tuesday Dominion Hour, 11am
  • Wednesday School of the Word, 7pm
  • Friday Encounter Night, 8pm


Note: We are at the intersection of Knecht Avenue and Benson Avenue in Arbutus, MD 21227 in Benson Business Center

From Points South

  • Take I-95 North towards Baltimore
  • Take Exit 50A to merge onto S Caton Avenue
  • Turn right onto Joh Avenue
  • Take the 3rd left onto Vero Rd
  • Take the 3rd right onto Knecht Avenue
  • Turn right onto Azar Court (up the hill in the Benson Business Center)

From Points North

  • Take I-95 South
  • Take Exit 50A-50B for Caton Avenue
  • Take Exit 50B for Caton Avenue N towards Wilkens Avenue
  • Merge onto S Caton Avenue
  • Turn left onto Benson Avenue
  • Turn left onto Knecht Avenue
  • Turn left onto Azar Court (up the hill in the Benson Business Center)

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Meet Our Pastor

Dear Chosen One,

We extend greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are so excited that you have chosen to visit our site today and we have full assurance that you’re coming here was not by chance. We pray that your life will be touched in a very special way by the media and information you find here; and that we get a chance to connect with you face to face. Be sure to download our visitor packet for more information on our leadership, training and ministries.

Ours is not a traditional approach; but, we believe it is one necessary to see transformation and breakthroughs in the lives of God’s people. We are serious about prayer and believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and we want to see the people of God empowered to minister effectively. That is why we hold a weekly Dominion Hour service on Tuesdays and believe God for miracles during our weekly Encounter Night on Fridays.

If you are looking for a church in which you can be trained for ministry and empowered to pray like never before, Action Chapel Baltimore is the place for you. We know there’s a champion in you and our assignment is to bring that champion out. So don’t let your online visit today be your last visit. Join us at one of our weekly services and experience the presence of God.

Yours for great exploits,

Rev. Lenita Reeves, Senior Pastor





Grocery give away ever 3rd Saturday and following Tuesday