First Time Visitor

Welcome and thank you for being with us

We want to thank you for visiting with us for the first time. For more information, be sure to download our visitor brochure. Stay connected by:


Download our Senior Pastor’s prayers for you for protection during this season.

What you an continue to expect:

  • Freedom of expression in worship: we lift our hands, kneel, clap, run, jump and lay out flat before God
  • Sound doctrine: an unadulterated word of God preached under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer: for real
  • Children’s Classes on Sundays at 10:30am (after praise and worship)

What we are not:

  • Perfect: we are not perfect but we are striving for excellence and provoking one another to be better

What we are:

  • A people desiring the fire for God, discovering our callings, and asking God to transform us by His Word to change our families, communities and nations

Service Times

  • Sunday:  Celebration Service, 10am
  • Tuesday:  Dominion Hour School of the Spirit, 11am
  • Friday:  Prayer & Prophetic Encounter Night, 8pm

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