May: The Month of Spiritual Discipline: Fasting, Praying and Giving

In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus instructed us to pray, fast, and give. This was part of his famous sermon on the mount. And the inclusion of these spiritual disciplines in his sermon is an indication of their importance in the life of every believer. In this passage, Jesus gives us a model by which to pray, instructions for fasting, and guidelines for giving.

This month, we are exercising ourselves unto godliness in prayer, fasting, and giving. You don’t want to miss this sermon series and our times of practical application, which include fasting every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this month from 6am to 6pm (minimum) and, corporate prayer at 6pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 8pm on Fridays at ACB.

Not only will you build spiritual muscles but also there will be a divine turnaround as you exercise spiritual disciplines, crying out to God! See you there!

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